From sports trauma to everyday strains, everyone suffers some kind of injury in their lifetime. Whether the injury was caused by an accident, overuse, a chronic condition, or something else, most benefit from physical therapy to aid in a complete recovery.

Body Sport Resistance Tube Bands are an excellent choice for taking charge of your rehabilitation. The bands are designed to be used almost anywhere, and especially in the comfort and convenience of your own home. When used consistently, the bands increase the chance for an accelerated return to fitness.

There are hundreds of therapeutic movements that can be performed with exercise bands. Each one is designed to strengthen a specific muscle or muscle group. Below are five simple exercises you can practice at home with the Body Sport Resistance Tube Kit. Be sure to check with your health care practitioner before beginning any new workout routine.

Rotator Cuff Internal Rotation (Upper Body - Shoulders)

Prepare the resistance bands by attaching them to the tubing handles and door anchor. Then place the anchor in a sturdy door frame, just above the door's handle, and close the door. Make sure the door is closed securely. Stand up straight and tall and steady one end of the tubing with your outside hand. Using the opposite hand, pull the arm in toward the body, away from the door. Your working arm should remain in an 'L' shape.

Rotator Cuff External Rotation (Upper Body - Shoulders)

This exercise is often done in tandem with the Rotator Cuff Internal Rotation described above, as the setup is exactly the same. Maintain your good posture while steadying the band with the hand closest to the door, pull the outside arm away from your body, while still keeping the working arm in an 'L' shape.

Pull Downs (Upper Body - Shoulders, Arms, Back)

Now place the door anchor inside the top edge of your door frame and ensure the door is closed firmly. Take both handles with equal tension and pull down to your sides. A variation on a pull up, this exercise will also strengthen upper back muscles.

Monster Walks (Lower Body - Hips and Knees)

Remove the handles and door anchor and attach the appropriate band to itself using the ankle straps. Place them around your ankles. Walk backwards and out to the side, maintaining resistance at all times.

Side Steps (Lower Body - Hips and Knees)

This exercise is related to the Monster Walks described above, with identical setup. Here, take wide steps to the side, again maintaining resistance in the bands during the entire exercise.

The Return2Fitness Body Sport Resistance Tube Kit, also available on Amazon, provides an ideal set of tools to facilitate your recovery.

Injuries are painful by nature, but they don't have to induce unnecessary stress. By following a structured physical therapy program, you will greatly improve your recovery rate. As some have found, physical therapy may even help you come back stronger than you were before your injury.

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