Recovering from knee or hip replacement surgery takes time and dedication. May factors have an affect on recovery. For instance, you may have swelling that lasts 3 to 6 months after the surgery. We like the use of cold therapy to reduce the inflammation and pain. Traditionally patients are told to use ice packs to create the cooling effects on the injured area. However, there is an easier option with benefits that help you recover.

The Active Ice Universal System from Polar Products provides you with cold therapy to a targeted area that is used without the mess of melting ice packs.

Here are 5 key benefits of using this product during hip or knee replacement surgery

  1. Drug-free - Using this cold therapy method allows the pain to be managed without traditional pain medication. This is one way to avoid the side-effects that some people experience with prescriptions.
  2. Universal bladder - This bladder allows to you target the cooling air to any part of your body that needs relief and isn’t constricted by an unusual shape.
  3. Just add ice and water - You can use this system again and again by simply filling the cooler with ice and water. The cooler comes with a hinged lid that locks into place so there is no dripping and it can be transported if mobility is necessary.
  4. Compression wraps - You have the option of adding on wraps that target the knee, lumbar/hip or shoulder areas that direct the cooling therapy exactly where you need it! At the same time, the wrap provides gentle pressure to keep inflammation to a minimum for a more effective recovery.
  5. Timer - There is a 30 minute timer switch that is featured in this system. It is also the only unit on the market that has an on/off switch which will put you in control of your therapy sessions.

As you plan for surgery, make sure to review your recovery goals with your health care provider and discuss cold therapy options. Using the Active Ice Universal System is a great option to add to a healing regimen that makes the most of your recovery time.

Please contact us if there are any questions or concerns that we can assist you with.