Have you ever seen athletes wearing brightly colored tape over their skin and wondered what it was?  That colorful tape is called kinesiology tape and it is used to both prevent and treat injuries.  Although you will find many professional athletes using kinesiology tape, it can actually be used beneficially by just about anyone.  Read on to find out how kinesiology tape works and how you can reap its rewards.

While traditional athletic tape is made from latex, kinesiology tape is different.  It is made from stretchy cotton which gives it an elasticity that is similar to human skin.  It also has tiny pores like human skin which allow sweat and water to escape.  The tape is waterproof and can be worn for as long as three to five days at a time.   It can be positioned many different ways to fight swelling, help decrease pain, and improve muscle performance.  But, how does kinesiology tape actually work?

Kinesiology tape actually lifts the skin slightly which allows for increased blood flow, which in turn reduces swelling and provides pain relief. Circulation is also improved by use of the tape so oxygen is delivered more rapidly into muscles and waste is removed more quickly. 

To apply the tape, first make sure that your skin is clean and dry.  Then, start by anchoring one piece of tape to your skin.  Add on another piece of tape on top to provide tension to the muscle or joint that is affected.  Although you can apply kinesiology tape on your own, it is best if a trained professional applies the tape as they have the specialized knowledge to apply tape based on your specific needs.  If you'd like to try kinesiology tape or have any questions about its use or applications, please do not hesitate to contact us.