2 Distinct Reasons to Need a Brace or Support in the Wrist Area

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  A wrist brace wraps around the wrist with the aim being to restrict movement of the joint. Such a support usually extends down to the hand, with a band that goes around the area between the thumb and fingers. The aim of a wrist brace is to offer support to the ligaments and muscles of the wrist. Read on to find out the main reasons why you may require a wrist brace. You Have the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome The Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that causes intense pain, numbness, weakness, tingling, and other symptoms in your hand. These problems are usually because of pressure on the median nerve that passes through the wrist. The medium nerve is responsible for controlling feeling and movement in the first three fingers and thumb. The most common form of treatment recommended is to use a wrist brace. Such a device is simple yet effective in helping to stop the problem from getting worse. To Address Abnormal Tone or Contractures Contracture, also known as spasticity is a condition when the muscles of the forearm become shortened dues to various conditions such as a stroke. The result is that movements in the wrist become hindered leading to problems when performing normal activities such as feeding. Besides that, if muscle spasticity isn’t treated, it can lead to abnormal bone growth and even dislocation of the wrist joint. A physical therapist will usually include a wrist brace as part of the treatment. The wrist brace is used to extend the hand, thereby encouraging normal bone growth. People who’ve suffered a stroke in the recent past will also usually be required to wear this device When and Why You Should Wear a Wrist Brace Properly Wearing a wrist brace for any reason can be good or bad for you depending on how you wear it. If used properly, it can lead to relief for the arm so that the body can heal. However, if worn incorrectly, it can make the problem worse. Most people think that the brace needs to be wrapped tightly around the wrist, especially for Carpal tunnel syndrome. However, that’s not so. It needs to be fastened in a way that it does not cause any swelling to the fingers. To ensure it is the right fit, you should be able to fit your little finger below the brace comfortably, but no more than that. Besides that, when you wear a wrist brace also matters. While it can be worn 24/7, most experts recommend that you only wear it when you are using your wrist repetitively. If you are simply doing simple tasks like watching TV, take off the wrist brace to allow your wrist to relax and breath. Seek Guidance If you are going to use a wrist brace, seek guidance from your physician. Using a wrist brace for too long can limit movement in your wrist. The result is that your wrist could become more susceptible to repeat injuries in future.

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