Injuries and surgeries are often an unavoidable part of life. How you help your body adjust after your rehab will directly impact your success in returning to your normal lifestyle. Your physical therapy will take you a long way towards your goal, but the conditioning doesn't end when the sessions do. In the case of a sports injury, therapy will assist you in retraining your muscles to perform in the way they used to. You will work on range of motion, strength building, and endurance. The biggest mistake most people make is failing to follow through with their exercises after therapy ends. Often, your therapist will suggest stretches and strength training for you to do at home. It is important to continue the routines on your own. The affected muscles still need continued training to reach their fullest potential, or you could risk re-injuring the area. After an injury, you will lose muscle mass due to inactivity of the area. Care should be taken with daily activities until you are fully recovered. Building the muscle back in conjunction with increasing flexibility is the key. It's up to you to help your body adjust after your rehab. After surgery, the body faces a range of challenges, even after physical therapy. Weight loss is a common problem, especially if there has been a considerable amount of time spent in bed. Every muscle group will be weakened, and a plan to rebuild mass will be necessary. Therapy will help you regain strength, but there is much more to do at home after rehab. In addition to exercises, a special diet will be suggested. In any rehab situation, there is more to consider than just stretching. A proper nutritional regiment will be built for you around your own special needs. Your body will be focused on healing the injured areas which can draw essential nutrients away from the rest of your body. This can lead to weakness and dizziness, ultimately defeating your rehab efforts. Almost all therapy situations involve muscles. After an injury, you need to rebuild muscle, not fat. A diet high in protein will be suggested to increase muscle mass. This will give you the energy you need to continue your routine, as well as help your body repair the injured area. After immobility, your entire body will need to regain strength. Eating the proper foods will help you increase your mobility and energy. The human body is amazing, but it needs your help to properly adjust, even after rehab. Committing to your home prescribed programs of exercise and dieting is imperative in your journey to recovery.