Anyone that engages in athletic activities on a regular basis knows that there are some items that you must have in your athletic bag at all times. No matter what age you are, a muscle sprain, strain or contusion can happen.  There's nothing worse than getting a muscle injury during a tightly contested game or match. Unfortunately, it does happen and you have to be prepared. Over the new few blogs I'll suggest some athletic bag essentials that I've found invaluable over the years.
My favorite pre-sports treatment for muscle aches and pain (especially lower back pain) is a relatively new product called ThermoDerm. Most will remember the "atomic balm" a lot of trainers used to treat deep muscle injuries. It was a thick, gooey substance that stunk up the locker room and anything it touched. The good thing about "atomic balm" was the heat it produced which lasted a long time. The advantage of ThermoDerm is that it is an easy to apply, deep penetrating lotion that warms the muscles for a very long time. Most over the counter products I've tried work for less than an hour. For me, Thermoderm is still going strong after a 2 hour tennis match. It has very little scent and washes off easily. Thermoderm has been a life saver for me and I highly recommend it. ThermoDerm
The local pain reliever I've used  most right after a muscle injury occurs is the popular BioFreeze. I apply BioFreeze to the injured area and wrap it (if possible) with an elastic wrap to compress the injured muscle tissue. BioFreeze is also very effective for the treatment of joint pain, tendonitis, bursitis and arthritis. The cooling effect of BioFreeze helps relieve the pain so you can finish your sporting event. Biofreeze also has very little odor and is easy to wash off. Biofreeze comes in several different easy to apply containers. Another product I use for minor joint pain is Mueller coolant spray. It provides an instant cooling effect to relieve the pain. The advantage to this product is that it works right away and easily sprays on the injured area. The disadvantage is that it doesn't last as long or penetrate as deep as BioFreeze. I use the Mueller coolant spray primarily for golf and always carry it in my golf bag.
BioFreeze Mueller coolant cold spray  
  All of these products come in small containers for easy storing in athletic bags. If you have any "athletic bag essentials"  you'd like to share please let me know and I will include them in future blogs. About the Author: Bruce is the president of Return2Fitness, an online sports medical resource and product center. His "entrepreneurial spirit" has resulted in the founding or acquisition of 20 companies during his 39 year career. Bruce is not a medical professional so please consult your local specialist before making any changes in the treatment of any injury or condition. Thanks for reading my post! For more information connect with me: Return2FitnessEmailLinkedInFacebookSquidoo