Athletic taping is a technique which offers prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries. Specifically, it has been recognized by medical professionals as one of the top preventative measures for reducing injuries in impact sports.  However, it is still important to have your injury accessed by a professional before applying this technique.

A physical therapist will usually be the one to access the injury to determine if taping is recommended. Aside from prevention, tape is often applied to manage symptoms of chronic injuries such as shin splints, achilles tendonitis,  patella-femoral syndrome, ankle instability, turf toe, and limb pain and strain. If the injury presents with an abrasion, rash, or allergic reaction then taping should be stopped until the skin has had time to heal. Removing hair from the surface will help to reduce skin irritation and pain during removal of the tape. 

Proprioception, the body's ability to sense movement within joints, may also increase with the use of taping. Many clinicians have reported that athletes find considerable value in the enhanced proprioceptive feedback it provides during activity. In sprains, taping will also help limit movement of the joint while still supporting the compromised muscle.

Benefits of Taping:

- Provide added support to muscles, joints and ligaments.

- Immobilize joints to aid in pain prevention

- Enhance blood circulation to prevent joint and muscle swelling.

- Provide added protection from impact during sports activities.

- Prevent re-injury by providing kinesthetic feedback to the joint.

- Keep bandages in place for abrasions and open fractures.

Choosing What Tape to Use:

Since Tapes can be used for a variety of conditions, choosing which ones to use will usually depend on the need. There are tapes for the Ankle, Elbow & Arm, Foot, Knee, Shin & Calf, Thigh, and Wrist & Thumb. Return2Fitness carries top brands like LP, McDavid, Mueller, and OPPO. Colors and sizes vary by product.

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