Avoiding These 3 Practices With An Ankle Injury

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If you’re suffering from an ankle injury, such as a sprain, it's important to be cautious for at least 2 to 3 weeks to avoid re-injuring the area. Proper treatment of the area, in addition to avoiding certain activities that may cause more strain to the region, are key during this time. Given the opportunity to properly rest and heal, your ankle should be back to normal within a matter of weeks and as well as possibly being  able to resume all the same activities as before. In order to get there, you should avoid the following practices, and by doing so, your ankle injury should be back to normal in no time: Acting Like Nothing's Wrong With Your Ankle While an ankle sprain may be a minor problem, you should not ignore it and carry on with your normal activities in exactly the same way. Avoid putting too much weight on the ankle and take time to elevate it every few hours. This will encourage circulation to the area and give the muscles and ligaments surrounding the ankle a chance to rest. If you're an athlete, refrain from practicing, working out, or playing until your ankle's fully healed. The amount of time this takes can vary greatly, based on the type of injury. Your doctor can provide you with an accurate time-frame for healing. Using Too Much Ice on the Injury Putting ice on the ankle is a great way to prevent swelling and numb the pain that you may feel when you walk on it. However, putting ice on the ankle for too long is a common mistake that doesn't actually benefit the injury. Keep ice on the ankle area for 20 minutes or so at a time to get the best results, and repeat the process every 2 to 4 hours for several days after the injury. Wrapping The Ankle Too Tightly It's generally a good idea to wrap the injured ankle with a compression bandage for a few days after the injury occurs. However, some people make the mistake of wrapping the area too tightly. This can result in loss of circulation or blood flow to the area. If you're having difficulty wrapping the area properly, your doctor can show you how to do it so that the ankle's supported without being too restricted. Avoiding these practices can help to improve your healing time and have you back to your normal activities within a few weeks of the ankle injury happening.

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