Does compression clothing work?

That really depends on your definition of work. Will compression clothing magically make you the next Peyton Manning? Of course not, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t help your performance and help you recover faster after a minor injury. The research behind compression clothing has shown that placing balanced pressure to specific parts of the body can increase blood circulation and oxygen delivery, creating enhanced muscle performance.

Specific Benefits of Compression: 

- Skin temperature increases slightly, enhancing warm-up exercises. - Enhanced proprioception helps improve leg strength and vertical jump. - An increase in venous return enhances blood circulation. - Reduced muscle movement provide stability to the muscle prevent injury. - Aids in the removal of blood lactate to the muscles, making for a faster and easier recovery after exercise or injury. - Effects of muscle soreness after exercise are reduced, alleviating swelling and inflammation. - Muscle support is increased, therefore increasing muscle performance.

When To Wear Compression?

Compression clothing can be worn to enhance performance during physical activity, including running,  cycling and competitive sports. It also helps protect the skin from rashesWearing compression gear after a minor injury or torn muscle may aid in recovery time. Benefits can also be seen without strenuous activity if you experience long periods of standing, immobility, or strain.

Types of Compression Clothing:

Upper Body Compression shirts are good during and after sports or weight training for reducing inflammation and swelling in the muscles. Quads & Glutes These parts of the body can help circulate blood back to the heart. Compression shorts help circulating and blood flow to the legs, as well as reduce fatigue. Calves & Ankles Ankles and calves can become swollen after being sedentary for a long time, after a long run or workout. Compression socks and stockings help reduce the risk of blood clots forming in the leg.

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