Dealing With Bad Circulation In Your Feet

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  Sometimes the reasoning behind problems with poor circulation aren’t well understood and problems with circulation in the lower extremities such as the lower legs or feet are the least understood of all. However, when vital nutrient carrying blood flow can’t reach the feet or is restricted in any way, the poor circulation suffer often begins to suffer decreased health. The reasoning behind poor circulation in the feet and toes isn’t well understood. Some Physicians have reasoned that one of the leading causes behind poor circulation stems from sitting and standing for long periods and in today’s modern world it is easier than ever to suffer from the problems of poor circulation. But, how do you know if you’re beginning to suffer from the effects of poor circulation? While there's no easy way to discover poor circulation problems without Physician advice, here are six key symptoms of poor circulation that you can check today. 1. Numbness in the lower extremities: Everyone has experienced that moment when a limb ‘falls asleep’, but if it happens frequently it might be worth a visit for a check-up. 2. Pain and discomfort during exercise such as cramping. 3. Loss of hair on feet, toes and lower leg with a tendency for wounds on the lower extremities to be slow to heal. 4. Cold limbs and feet: When poor circulation is present, blood has a harder time traveling from the body’s core to the lower limbs resulting in cold, chilled limbs. 5. Swelling of the feet: When nutrient imbalances are present in body and fluid can’t be placed in the proper place for optimal functioning, feet can begin to take on a swollen puffy appearance. 6. Pain and discoloration in the feet which can appear on the skin of the feet as purple or bluish discoloration. So, if your feet have taken on this type of hue, you can be sure you’re suffering from poor circulation. So, what're some ways that you can help improve the circulation in your body? First, if you've a job that keeps you on your feet or sitting for long periods of time, it becomes more important than ever to get up and move around a bit in order to keep optimal blood flow in your lower limbs. Be sure to take a walk around the block, walk up and down stairs or do any other exercise that gets the blood flowing throughout your limbs. Think about clothing or shoes that restrict blood flow and try to modify wearing them or replace them with looser, more comfortable items that allow for smooth and easy blood flow. Another great way to increase circulation in your lower body is by staying hydrated because drinking plenty of water aids in repairing skin cells while also giving a regular supply of minerals into the blood stream. While the poor circulation is hard to cope with, there's no need to suffer in silence. There are remedies to ease the pain and discomfort if you're suffering from circulation problems talk with your physician and find relief today.

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