If you’re recovering from a back injury or surgical back procedure, you can reduce the pain and strengthen your muscles by following a few easy steps. Upper Back Pain Treatments - Frequent rest can decrease upper back pain around sore muscles. However, you must sleep while lying in a proper position because twisting and turning can cause intense back and neck pain - If you’ve acute back pain, hot and cold packs can minimize the tension. The ice and the heat pack should remain on the sore area for about 20 minutes. Both treatments prevent pain progression by reducing inflammation. - Over-the-counter medications can treat minor back pain. If you’ve chronic back, you’ll need a dose of morphine. - Physiotherapy, chiropractic manipulation, massage therapy, and acupuncture are great alternative treatment options. You’ll experience some pain during these therapies, so a technician must inject lignocaine into your upper back in a tender area. Back Pain Recovery Advice - During the rehabilitation phase, you must manage your fear and anxieties because stress can affect your muscle functions. According to doctors, the nervous system responds to psychological reactions by moving muscles near an injured area. - Proper nutrition is crucial during the recovery process. By consuming pastas and breads each day, your body will convert a lot of energy into fat. You must also consume plenty of protein because your soft tissue will not heal without it. Fruits and veggies should be eaten regularly too since they supply vitamins, which can speed up the healing process. - While exercising, always perform careful and gradual movements. If you’ve problems bending, you may need an injection. - If possible, contact a surgeon and find out if you can get a back brace. A typical brace is basically a corset that’s made of out an elastic material. If a medical technician recommends a large brace, you may need to wear a cotton tee underneath the appliance to increase comfort. Overall, you must exercise and take proper medications regularly during the rehabilitation process. To shorten the recovery phase, consult a fitness expert and develop a meal plan that consists of healthy foods.