If you are like me, you've found the traditional thick neoprene knee brace to be hot, smelly and difficult to get on and off (especially after an athletic event when you're all sweaty) . In the past there were few options available other than some "low end" knit knee sleeves your would get at Walmart or your local drug store. I was pleasantly surprised a few years ago when I discovered the leading edge line of GenuTrain Knee Braces developed by the German company Bauerfeind. These knee braces are made of a comfortable, lightweight, breathable knit that is machine washable.  Frankly I was doubtful that a knit knee brace could give me the support I needed. As it turned, out the designers at Bauerfeind knew what they were doing. They created a line of knee braces that are extremely comfortable and also provides the support required by serious athletes.

The Bauerfeind knit knee support I use is the basic GenuTrain.

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If you're still thinking plain old knit knee sleeve you're wrong - check out these features:

•An incorporated silicone insert leaves the patella pressure free and provides intermittent compression to the soft tissue of the joint leading to increased circulation, thus aiding in the absorption of swelling and edema •Promotes heightened sensory awareness in the knee for increased joint stabilization •Graduated compression at the edges prevents constriction of circulation •Innovative knit behind the knee region to prevent bunching or pinching •Three dimensional knit with covered patella prevents swelling from finding the path of least resistance and yet keeps pressure off the knee cap •Medial and lateral stainless steel stays keep the support from rolling or bunching •Comfortable, lightweight, breathable knit will not retain heat and is machine washable

This is the perfect knee brace for anyone with meniscus issues, patella tracking problems,arthritis, chronic knee instability or sprains/strains. Bauerfeind has developed 3 other even more supportive knee supports for more serious conditions. Unlike typical neoprene knee braces you can wear the knitted versions all day long.  They are also very easy to get on and off.

A few months ago LP Support launched another 3-dimensional hi-tech knitted knee brace called the X-Tremous Knee Brace.  Like the Bauerfeind, it's whats inside the knit that provides the support and patella tracking (see following exploded image). The contemporary look of the X-tremous has also proven to be very popular.

X-Tremus 170XT by LP

If you don't mind spending a few bucks more than neoprene knee braces cost, I'd recommend trying out one of the Bauerfeind GenuTrain series or the LP X-Tremous Knee Brace. It is a must if you need to wear your brace for extended periods of time.