Having Proper Neck Support Is Key

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Regardless whether you're sitting down, standing up, or simply lying down, having the proper neck posture can save your life. Proper neck alignment plays a huge role in pain and performance, and also helps in the establishment of a right spine curve. According to Dr. Elizabeth Hoefer, D.C of Precision Chiropractic in Orange County, proper neck alignment is the foundation of health. Having specialized in neck/upper cervical care, Dr. Hoefer explains that improper neck alignment can lead to irritation of your scalene muscles which will eventually pull on your vertebrae that protects the spinal cord. Having maintained the proper neck posture, you will have done a lot of good to your neck muscles. Your neck muscles carry out a lot of necessary actions that are vital for the normal functioning of your body. Aside from allowing you to turn your head and view your blind spots, your neck muscles also aid in extending your head back and also look down for when you are reading a book or a newspaper. However, each of your neck muscles plays a distinct role and by exercising them, you will be strengthening them for better functionality. It is important, nevertheless, to admit that as much as computers have become part of our everyday lives, they have also led to quite a number of neck problems with their users. Usually, most office jobs require for a person to sit in one position for prolonged periods of time. The type of posture that one needs to maintain, especially when using a computer, can strain the cervical spine, and cause other neck pains. Fortunately all one needs to do is set up your workstation as recommended by specialists, which can bring significant change to having pain neck relief. Sleep habits can also play a huge role in your neck alignment, especially if you have bad ones. According to Dr. Hoefer, having a pillow that does no support proper alignment of your neck can cause major issues to your spinal cord and consequently your overall health. If your vertebrae become affected due to improper neck alignment, your spinal cord will lack the protection it so requires from external damage. This in turn, affects your nervous system by diminishing its ability to help your brain and body communicate effectively. During sleep is when the body restores itself, and if at the time your neck is out of alignment the entire restoration process will be compromised. If people had the know-how on how to maintain the appropriate neck posture, there would be lesser cases associated with neck problems. However, maintaining the right posture is easy, especially if you are sitting in your desk chair or even standing to answer a telephone call. With this said and done there are two common positions that you need to keep in mind when maintaining the right neck posture:
  • The neutral C curve or Lordotic curve- by always maintaining this posture you will avoid chronic neck pain, upper shoulder stiffness, stiff neck and various other symptoms.
  • Retain the flexibility of your neck- by engaging movements such as extension, rotation and flexing your neck you are exercising your neck thus maintaining neck flexibility.
Maintaining the right posture is very crucial, not only to avoid neck-related issues but also to maintain your overall health. Always keep in mind that a fit neck is a fit mind and body.

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