In today's sports section I saw a picture of Boston Celtic's point guard Rajon Rondo scoring against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Rajon was wearing a hexpad knee pad, hexpad shorts and a hexpad shooters arm sleeve. You can't watch a football, basketball, hockey, soccer or volleyball game anymore without seeing some kind of McDavid Hexpad® wear. In this weeks blog I'll explain why it's so popular.
[caption id="attachment_1875" align="aligncenter" width="210"]Dwyane Wade in Hex Dwyane Wade in his Hex gear.[/caption] McDavid Hexpad Technology is a patented padding system that permanently bonds dozens of individual athletic pads onto compression fabric. Because the pads are individually applied, they move with and conform to the body for continuous protection. It isn't bulky or restricted like the pads we've used in the past. The bonding is so strong that hexpad compression wear is machine washable.
Protection: Hexpad uses high quality closed cell athletic foam padding, the same padding density and impact resistance that is used in pads for high impact sports like football. Hexpad is lighter weight which allows for greater coverage and comfort than traditional padding systems.
Comfort: Hexpad technology utilizes super lightweight pads that conform to and stretch with the body. They don't pinch or bind like the traditional sports padding you are used to. It breaths for comfort and uses the latest moisture management technology keeping you cool and dry. Those of us who played football remember the old girdles with built in pads. Many professional football players have changed to compression short with built in hexpads because of added flexibility with the same protection level.
Compression: In a prior blog about compression wear I reviewed the advantages of using compression shorts and shirts for serious athletes. The bottom line is that compression wear supports your large muscle groups to reduce pulls and fatigue and moves with your body to prevent skin irritation,chafing and abrasions. Hexpads that are permanently bonded to compression shorts, shirts and sleeves provide all the benefits of compression with the protection of hexpad. Hexpad also comes in three different depths to give you varying degrees of protection depending on the sport.
[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="132"]Hex™ Short w/ Contoured wrap-around thigh Hex™ Short w/ Contoured wrap-around thigh[/caption] [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="132"]Hex™ Sleeveless Shirt / 5-pad Hex™ Sleeveless Shirt / 5-pad[/caption] [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="132"]Hex™ Shooter Arm Sleeve Hex™ Shooter Arm Sleeve[/caption]
About the Author: Bruce is the president of Return2Fitness, an online sports medical resource and product center. His "entrepreneurial spirit" has resulted in the founding or acquisition of 20 companies during his 39 year career. Bruce is not a medical professional so please consult your local specialist before making any changes in the treatment of any injury or condition. Thanks for reading my post! For more information connect with me: Return2FitnessEmailLinkedInFacebookSquidoo  

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