How A Pinched Nerve Can Be Something More

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  Having a pinched nerve can be a very unpleasant and painful situation. This condition happens when a lot of pressure from surrounding bones, cartilage, or muscles are putting too much pressure on a nerve. Initially, symptoms of a pinched nerve may just be mild tingling, slight exhaustion, or some pain. Though a quickly treated pinched nerve doesn't cause any damage, ignoring a pinched nerve for too long can have disastrous results. If a pinched nerve isn't treated, it can lead to permanent nerve damage. This nerve damage can occur at the place with the pinched nerve, or it can travel along the body. For example, nerve damage from a pinched neck nerve may affect the arms or the hands. Feelings of pain, numbness, weakness, or tingling may result from damaged nerves. After being compressed and pinched for too long, it may end up being impossible to heal the nerve damage. When pinched nerves result in carpal tunnel syndrome, it's important to rest the wrists and prevent any further damage. Left untreated, it may become difficult or impossible to move fingers and coordinate movements. The pain often worsens if carpal tunnel syndrome isn't treated, due to increasing nerve damage. While it can easily be fixed with rest or wrist splints in early stages, carpal tunnel syndrome often requires surgery to fix the condition if it's ignored for too long. Sometimes, pinched nerves may occur in the lower back, and this can affect the nerves that control the legs. When back nerves are continuously compressed or pinched, a person may experience weakness in their legs and lower back. It's absolutely crucial to seek treatment for a pinched back nerve, since ignoring it may lead to permanent impaired mobility and difficulty walking. Regardless of where the pinched nerve is, it's imperative to seek treatment as soon as possible. In the early stages of a pinched nerve, it can often be treated with simple treatments. However, when a pinched nerve is ignored for too long, treatment becomes very difficult, and it may require physical therapy or intensive surgery to fix. In severe cases, pinched nerves can lead to lasting damage, and a patient may be unable to control their fine motor skills, have difficulty walking, or constantly deal with unpleasant pain. Due to all of the negative consequences of nerve damage, you should seek treatment if you've any symptoms of pinched nerves.

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