How To Avoid The Most Common Volleyball Sports Injuries

All volleyball players, whether playing sports or training for competition, experience strains, sprains, pulled muscles and tendons. Any sporting activity which requires repetitive jumping and compression of the ankles, specific muscle group overuse, and rapid body weight shifts, has a high propensity for injury. Knowing what preventive steps you, as a player, can take to prevent injury from occurring and the best products available for your unique needs, are vital in avoiding injuries. Complete rehab compliance and continual use of supports and orthotic devices customized for preventing re-injury, as well as increasing recovery time, are the most important steps a player can take to avoid arthritis severity on their rapid road to recovery.  Injury Prevention Ankle and knee injuries occur suddenly and usually heal quickly. However, lower back and shoulder injuries are usually chronic and can restrict the rest of your career play, as well as force a way too early-retirement. Preventing injury in vulnerable areas like the shoulder or back, as well as the usual knee and ankle, will ensure a long, pain free volleyball career.  The Best Injury Treatments Timely injury management and full compliance with rehabilitative recommendations are the two most important aspects for getting injured players back in action as quickly as possible. A chronic injury common among volleyball athletes is plantar fasciitis due to the constant pounding on the delicate connective tissue and plantar fascia tendon of the foot. Arch and mid-foot pain is typical in volleyball. Many treatment options are available at various levels in cost. Trial and error is still the best method for identifying which method or methods combination work best for each person.  A Player's Friend Athletic tape is your buddy. It's a cheap, easy and quick fix with proven effectiveness in alleviating pain. Small tape strips across the foot's bottom secured with longer strips wrapping around the heel and twisting across the arch is a tape job commonly used for plantar fasciitis. Many instructional videos online can be found for taping techniques which can provide immediate support and compression with moderate pain relief. When unfortunate sports injury does occur, like the typical plantar fasciitis development or shoulder injury which plagues many volleyball athletes, neoprene wraps and splints are ideal for reducing swelling and pain. Icing an injury is an essential part of the physician and PT recommended RICE (Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation) regime following accident or injury. Some manufacturers, like Total Ice, make larger cap sizes which enable easy acceptance for all ice cubes, regardless of their size. Some helpful treatment options which many volleyball players have successfully used often involve the use of braces designed for reduction in arthritis symptoms, anti-inflammatory medications, stretching and massage, and custom fit orthotic products. Bauerfeind Braces feature epi-train and osteo-support lines which can be ordered either from your online at reduced prices. Splints and ice-compression combination packs, like those wraps available from Bauerfeind, conform to your body, custom compressing the injury site & efficiently apply ice therapy to area. Their simple use and convenient ability to stay in place makes bauerfeind type products more likely to increase user compliance. Elbow straps and wrist supports designed especially for volleyball players will keep you setting and spiking like a star. Adhering to tried and true preventive practices will prevent a large majority of typical volleyball training injuries. Utilizing customized orthotic supports regularly before and after injuries will ensure getting back on the court in less time.

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  • volleyball involves repetitive overhead motions, such as spiking and blocking, players are prone to overuse injuries of the shoulder. In addition, volleyball players are particularly susceptible to finger injuries.Many volleyball injuries can be prevented by using proper strength training techniques, for the lower back, shoulders, and legs.And also using an external ankle support.

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