Shoulder injuries are an inconvenience—no one can deny that. Several years ago, I injured my left shoulder and struggled to do almost anything. Even making lunch was a challenge. However, shoulder injuries don’t have to be hindrances forever. Today, I’m writing about a great shoulder brace that will not only help support and heal an injured shoulder but is also very easy on the wallet. The LP Neoprene Shoulder Support 732 is designed to provide therapeutic heat to an injured or overused shoulder joint. Looking like a t-shirt on one side and a strap around the chest on the other, the LP 732 features a hook and loop closure system that makes it easily adjustable to just the right fit. This brace is made from stretchy nylon and a neoprene foam, created for the specific purpose of keeping the joint warm and flexible as it heals. As the heat is being applied, the brace also provides support and compression in order to keep the joint stable, preventing re-injury from occurring.  
The LP Neoprene Shoulder Support 732 is ideal for:
  • Protecting against shoulder instability
  • Treating bursitis, a medical condition involving the inflammation of fluid-filled sacs near the body’s tendons
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  For both prevention of injury and treatment of bursitis, immobility is one of the easiest and most common solutions. The LP 732 is uncomplicated, effective, and affordable. It is a great way to ensure that, after an issue of shoulder instability or a diagnosis of bursitis, you too can return2fitness!