I've reviewed the benefits of Inversion Therapy and the use of inversion tables in a prior blog. For people that travel often and still need the back pain relief offered by inversion therapy there's a new product from Teeter Hangups that can travel with you. This new product is also good for people like me with  health issues that prohibit the use of traditional "upside down" inversion. "Upside down" inversion may not be good for you if you have any of the following conditions: any eye condition, heart or circulatory disorders, high blood pressure, stroke, extreme obesity and use of anti-coagulants. The new Teeter Hangups P3 Back Stretcher is a lightweight, effective way to decompress every weight-bearing joint from between the shoulder blades to the ankles. It accommodates those who desire decompression, but are looking for an alternative to traditional inversion equipment. With this new product you lay flat when using it (not upside down).  Because I have serious eye problems I've never been able to use inversion therapy for my back pain. At last there's a product I can use- the Teeter Hangups P3 Portable Back Stretcher:
[caption id="attachment_1840" align="aligncenter" width="150"]P3 Back Stretcher by Teeter Hang Ups P3 Back Stretcher by Teeter Hang Ups[/caption]

This exciting new product features the following advantages:

• Convenient and Portable: Folds compactly for travel and storage - weighs just 5 lbs • Durable, High-Quality Construction: Aircraft-grade aluminum frame sets the P3 apart from other ordinary back care gadgets • Custom-Fit Features: Embossed height  settings and simple push-button release, make finding your ideal fit a snap • Ergonomic Support: Contoured foot supports ensure comfort • 100% pre-assembled • Comes with an instructional DVD that helps you find your ideal setting and maximize benefits  
[caption id="attachment_1842" align="aligncenter" width="150"]BUY NOW! BUY NOW![/caption]
I apologize if this blog post seems too much like a  sales pitch. Frankly, I am excited to finally have an inversion therapy product that I can use. If you are interested in further information including a demonstration video, you can check it out on Return2Fitness-P3 Back Stretcher.

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