Labor Day 2012 Sale!

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The start of the school year is upon us, Summer is near its end, and Fall sports are beginning.  Athletes are practicing hard to be ready for this season and at, we have a great selection of products to help them perform at their best.  As an example, the HexPad pants shown below are made with compression support for large muscle groups to reduce pulls and fatigue and the HexPad gives full hip and thigh impact protection when diving saves are demanded. Everyone is getting ready for football season.  We know that football is one of the toughest contact sports.  We at have a terrific selection of products to enhance performance, protect critical joints and keep the player safe on the field and at a optimal performance.   Below, we have highlighted some of the most popular products for football players.  Visit for additional products.
During the time of checkout use discount code "LD2012" to receive a 10% discount on all products! (Offer ends September 9th, 2012)
When this goalie lands, we hope he is wearing McDavid Double Layer HexPad 3/4 Length Pants.
McDavid 756 HexPad Girdle with High Hip Pads is commonly used to replace the old-fashioned girdle and hip and tail bone pads in Football.  It features a pro compression girdle with HexPads protecting the hips and tail bone.
The HexPad Arm Sleeve features McDavid's revolutionary and patented HexPad Technology in a compression sleeve to protect the forearm.  The individual pads stretch, flex, and move with your body for continuous protection.
We also provide a complete line of knee, ankle, shoulder, and calf supports as well as many other products to protect critical joints and assist in recovery injury.

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