Let A Doctor Pop Your Shoulder or Finger Back Into Place

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To be clear, a joint dislocation occurs when there is an abnormal separation in the joint. Dislocations are often caused by sudden trauma to the joint like a fall or an impact. Those who engage in sports like wrestling, football and mixed martial arts are more likely to endure a dislocation. In addition, non-contact sports such as skiing can also cause a dislocation. If a dislocation of your joint occurs, you should call you doctor as soon as possible or go to an emergency room. It is important to get medical help as soon as possible because if too much time passes, it may become harder to get your joint back into the socket. In addition, by leaving the joint dislocated too long, it can stretch the tissues around the joint, making it more likely to pop out again. More importantly, if your joint keeps popping out, you may develop post-dislocation arthritis. Each time a dislocation occurs, it damages the affected area and the cartilage; which can lead to pain and movement concerns later. By having a doctor treat the dislocation, he or she will treat you with a procedure known as conscious sedation. Conscious sedation will stop the pain and give you relaxation. In some cases, when the tension is removed from the muscles, the affected area will pop right into place. However, if it doesn't pop into place, your doctor will used other maneuvers to carefully and gently put it back where it belongs. Your doctor will also be looking carefully at the circulation to the area, deformity of the area and if the skin in broken. An x-ray will be ordered if he or she thinks that you have a broken bone or a dislocation. On some occasions an MRI may be needed. Keep in mind; if you have someone pop your joints, or if you try to do this yourself, you could cause more injury to the affected site. You can cause tendon damage, a fracture or ligament damage. Also, in some cases when you first move your arm after the injury, a dislocated shoulder may pop back into place; however, you still need to see a doctor soon in order to determine if you need further tests or physical therapy. If your shoulder is dislocated, you will find it hard to move your arm. You will also notice an increase in pain when you try to move it. Other symptoms are numbness around the area and a tingling feeling. It is important to note; children sometimes have a greater risk for dislocations; especially if they play in an area that hasn’t been childproofed. To conclude, a joint dislocation occurs when there is an abnormal separation in the joint. Dislocations are usually caused by sudden trauma on the joint like a fall or an impact. If a joint dislocation is treated by someone who does not have the background to treat it, further damage and pain could occur to the affected site. Talk with your doctor about joint dislocations and how he or she can help you with this health concern.

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