Living With Nerve Damage In Your Back

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  Suffering from nerve damage in the back can greatly reduce your quality of life. Nerve damage can lead to chronic pain that requires constant care and attention. This is something that no one should have to go through, but there are ways to treat and possibly even cure nerve damage in the back. Medications or surgery are both potential options for dealing with nerve pain, but it is important to understand why nerve damage occurs and how severe your case may be before seeking treatment. The most common cause of nerve damage is a herniated disc in the spine. This is when a nerve is pinched by a spinal disc as it moves through the vertebrae. This causes sudden surges of pain that can be crippling at times. The nervous system is in control of your entire body and any damage is transmitted to the brain as a form of self preservation. The information transmitted is the pain you feel on a daily basis. Symptoms Of Nerve Damage In Your Back The symptoms of nerve damage vary depending on location, severity and the types of nerves affected. When it comes to spinal nerve damage, the sufferer often experiences a heightened sensitivity in their back. This results in sudden and unexpected pain when the back is moved in a certain direction, depending on how and where the nerve is being pinched. Many people experience back pain daily, but a pinched nerve increases the chance of experiencing pain tenfold. In some cases, you may experience numbness in the back. If the nerve is damaged in a particular way, your sensitivity may be temporarily lost. For many people, this is preferable to heightened sensitivity, but just as life altering. Numbness may affect your ability to function at work or in daily activities. Some sufferers of nerve damage experience tingling or burning in their back. Such a symptom is often chronic and may be treated with pain medication. However, if your back pain is severe enough, surgery may be your only option. Treatment For Nerve Damage The two most common treatment methods when it comes to nerve damage are pain medications and surgery. If your symptoms are mild, medication is likely the best solution for you. For severe cases, back surgery may be performed to help decompress the spine. Surgery can help when medication does not. However, nerve damage in the back is very serious, and even surgery may not be the ultimate cure. Talk to your doctor if you have any questions about treatment options or if your condition has worsened. Living with nerve damage in the back is not easy. It can seem hopeless at times, but there is always something you can do to better your situation. It is best to stay positive and try everything in your power to relieve your pain as much as possible.

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