McDavid's Leading Edge Compression Shorts & Recovery Suit

McDavid is the leading supplier of compression shorts and compression shirts used by athletes worldwide. It's no surprise that they are continually developing leading edge compression products. Two of these new products have been very well received by our customers:

Cross Compression Shorts

McDavid's new Cross Compression design mimics the taping pattern that athletic trainers utilize for wrapping the upper thighs. They are uniquely engineered for support and stability to prevent or aid in the recovery of hamstring and quad pulls. As with McDavid's normal compression products the Performance TRUE compression technology stabilizes and warms the muscles for better athletic performance.
Compression Short

Recovery Suit

You know the feeling you get after an intense workout in which your muscles are so sore that you can barely move them and it can last for several days preventing you from getting back out there?  Well with McDavid's breakthrough technology there is now a remedy for this unpleasant situation: a recovery suit.  Professional athletes from all different sports use recovery suits to dramatically decrease their recovery time and increase their overall performance. There are recovery pants and shirts for both men and women athletes.

What does a recovery suit actually do for an athlete?

  • Increases blood circulation
  • Reduces the amount of lactic acid buildup in the muscles
  • Promotes faster and more complete recovery of torn and damaged muscle tissue
  • Reduces pressure on the joints
Compression Shirt by McDavid Recovery Shirt

Here's a video url from McDavid Sports Medicine:,AAAAAEBVkPU~,71bz9Fa_E4M8GF36sKaxqfSQEnSi5VRL&bclid=0&bctid=1101419701001

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