LP Power Sleeves are flexible, durable, and reliable. Power Sleeves can be beneficial for athletes to increase performance time by reducing fatigue as well as improving overall quality of performance. Power Sleeves enhance performance by increasing contractility of the muscle, which generates more muscle force and power. Power Sleeves also provide smooth support and allow for better range of motion. Power Sleeves are all the rage and are being used by many professional athletes.

Sport enthusiasts recommend the LP Power Sleeves for all types of athletes. Power Sleeves are based on sport physiology and biomechanics and are used for baseball, basketball, tennis and golf as well as fitness activities and other sports. Increasing amounts of athletes are using performance-enhancing apparel and are commenting on the many benefits the Power Sleeves such as improved stamina and less fatigue resulting in better performance and injury prevention.

LP Power Sleeves are composed of a soft fabric, which allows for a high level of comfort. They are breathable and generally fit all body types. Power Sleeves come in various sizes and are made for several parts of the body including:

Power Sleeve 250 Power Sleeve 251
Calf Power Sleeve 270 Thigh Power Sleeve
Knee Power Sleeve 272

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