Prevent Golf Injuries & Improve Your Score

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Most golfers go right to the driving range and start pounding balls. I know from personal experience that this practice can produce two negative consequences. Since a good golf swing is predicated on a flexible range of motion, your swing will not flow freely until you are completely warmed up after a couple holes. For most average golfers this means a few needless extra strokes on the first few holes. The more critical consequence is potential injury. For most golfers this will occur in the lower back. As you get older you will naturally lose flexibility so the chance of injury is even greater. If you noticed that many of the golfers on the senior tour have back problems, you are correct. Even when done correctly a full golf swing places a lot of torque on the back, shoulders and knees. Without a proper warm-up the weekend golfer is asking for trouble. Some of the common golf injuries include:
  • Back muscle strains
  • Herniated disks
  • Shoulder joint impingement,tendinitis or bursitis
  • Torn rotator cuff
  • Rotator cuff tendinitis
  • Golfers elbow or tennis elbow
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Knee injuries including arthritis, torn meniscus or chondromalacia
Proper technique is very important to prevent injury. Many high handicappers over swing, don't keep their spine aligned during the swing, have poor grip techniques and contact the ground before striking the ball. Any of these swing mechanics problems are a recipe for injury. If any of these sound like something you do take some lessons from your local pro or through community adult ed offered by many school districts (minimal cost). In addition to preventing injuries, proper stretching will improve your golf game because your swing will be smoother, you will have more power and fewer nagging injuries. Everyone has their favorite stretches, but here is a simple routine that gets your blood flowing into the appropriate muscle groups and provides a good basic stretch where needed. Please Note: If you received this blog via email & can't view the following video click here to access it online

Remember to warm up and stretch before you start hitting balls. Many pros also recommend starting with short easy pitching distances and work up to the distance clubs. You will prevent injuries and improve your scores. About the Author:Bruce is the president of, an online sports medical resource and product center. His "entrepreneurial spirit" has resulted in the founding or acquisition of 20 companies during his 39 year career. Bruce is not a medical professional so please consult your local specialist before making any changes in the treatment of any injury or condition. Thanks for reading my post! For more information connect with me: Return2FitnessEmailLinkedInFacebookSquidoo

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