Proper Speed Training Techniques

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  Many athletes promote the benefits of running and are discovering ways to safely increase their speed. One prime example is a variance in the intensity of the run. Experts recommend alternating the speed and distance each day during the week. For example, one run would be a shorter distance that would optimize the speed of the run. The next day would be a longer run that would consider distance rather than speed. A third day would include running an even longer distance. On alternate days, it's recommended just to let the body relax with a slower paced, easy jog. This variation has helped a lot of runners improve their speed and endurance. Good running coaches encourage their runners to be consistent in their training. It's important to have a daily regimen that includes some sort of running. Runners who stay with their plan see their fitness level increase annually. Of course, there will be days where a full run won't be possible. Even a little alternate training that day's beneficial. If too much time's taken off from training, the runner can quickly get out of shape. While alternating the intensity of running each day, experts also recommend that runners alternate the full intensity each week, which is called step cycling. The runner simply starts out week one on a manageable level and increases it during week two. Week three employs the strongest endurance and week four lowers the workout for a recovery. The body builds up stamina safely while having some rest periods. Some less-experienced runners may want to alternate a hard week with a recovery week. It just depends on the individual. There are also maximum benefits to be gained by running a hilly terrain a couple times in the alternating weeks. Uphill running improves the leg muscles and trains the body in better breathing techniques. Even if a runner doesn't want to do a whole run on hills, small intervals of uphill running or sprints can be incorporated into any run of the day. The prudent runner will also take advantage of core strength training and speed sprinting. If used consistently, these techniques can help runners improve their speed and endurance. As always, they should keep in tune with their bodies and talk to their doctors about any concerns.

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