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Return2Fitness has recently added the ProSeries line of products to our web store.  ProSeries produce high quality products which are manufactured in the USA.  The ProSeries collection consists of a wide variety of cold wraps that can be used for several parts of the body.  The cold wraps include double shoulder and single shoulder, elbow/wrist, back, hip, double knee and single knee, and double ankle.  Our ProSeries products provide cold therapy and can be utilized to treat areas of injury.  These products are especially great for athletes or for rehabilitation purposes post surgery. The ProSeries cold therapy products are unique compared to other cold therapy products. Other cold therapy wraps require constant freezing and re freezing to keep the product cold. ProSeries cold therapy products are composed of an ice bag with a large twist off top and are combined with a neoprene wrap.  The neoprene wrap provides firm, consistent pressure which helps maximize healing.  The ProSeries wraps are convenient, effective, and easy to use!  
2204_ankle_ice ProSeries Knee/Ankle/Shin ProSeries Double Shoulder Cold Wrap
Hip cold Wrap ProSeries Double Knee Cold Wrap Lower Back Cold WrapElbow/Wrist Cold Wrap

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