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As Summer comes to an end and the leaves start to change, fall sports like football and soccer will soon begin.  Compression products, like HexPad gear have become increasingly popular for protection during contact sports like these. Compression and HexPad material is composed of high quality, lightweight foam padding to aid in the protection of the body.  The material stretches and conforms to create a comfortable fit and HydraVent hDc moisture management technology helps keep you cool and dry during athletic activity. As the days get colder, Compression and HexPad gear can also keep muscles warm during sports activities, helping prevent muscle fatigue and muscle strains. Return2Fitness is proud to offer a wide selection of Compression and HexPad products to help prevent sports injuries.  Purchase cold weather running gear, compression apparel, knee pads, elbow pads and more to protect you during sports and fitness activities this season. Some of our HexPad products include:

Youth Hex Girdle/2-Pocket by McDavid

  • Compression technology supports large muscles to help reduce pulls and fatigue
  • Includes cup pocket and thigh pad pockets

Hex™ Sternum Shirt by McDavid

  • 9mm Hex™ Technology perfectly positioned to protect against sudden impact to the sternum
  • Mesh fabric across shoulders, back and sides for full-on ventilation
Hex™ Sleeveless Shirt / 5-pad by McDavid
  • 9mm Hex™ Technology perfectly positioned to protect critical areas: shoulders, ribs and spine
  • hDc™ Moisture Management Technology is all about cool and dry
Hex Knee/Elbow Pads by McDavid
  • 9mm Hex™ Technology in a low profile, minimized design
  • Protects knee or elbow
Knee Power Sleeve - 272 by LP
  • Power Band designed around thigh and calf muscles improves kinetic capacity of knee flexion and extension to enhance sports performance.
  • Regulation Area can facilitate motional agility and provide smooth support.

Cross Compression™ Short w/ Cup Pocket by McDavid

  • Exclusive McDavid Cross Compression™ Technology warms and stabilizes muscles by mimicking taping methods used by athletic trainers, adding support to hamstrings and quads
  • Includes cup pocket for multi-sport use

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