Ski Injury Prevention

Thousands of injuries a year can be attributed to winter sports. These popular activities provide fun and excitement for all ages, but changing snow conditions, improper preparation, and lack of judgment can put you at risk for severe injury. Although some injuries cannot be prevented, precautions can be taken to reduce your chances of injury on the slopes this winter season.

  • Know safe Skiing techniques
  • Wear proper equipment
  • Get enough rest and hydration
  • Warm up and cool down
  • Recognize your ability level

Some injuries are more common than others, depending on the type of winter sport you are participating in. However, falls account for approximately 75 to 85 percent of skiing injuries. Due to the twisting motion of the feet and ankles during a fall, lower leg injuries are most common. Injuries can range form ACL/MCL tears and dislocations, to meniscus tears and ankle sprains. Use cold therapy to reduce swelling and pain in fresh knee injuries.

See a doctor right away for any of these warning signs:

  • Severe swelling in the knee
  • Trouble extending the knee
  • Unable to support walking on the knee
  • Pain and soreness when touching the knee

Returning to skiing after a knee injury can be scary and it can take time to get back to feeling like yourself. Luckily there are several knee braces for skiers who have suffered a knee injury.  A hinged knee brace provides the highest level of protection against twisting and lateral movement of the knee. The most popular hinged knee braces for skiers are made of Neoprene. Neoprene molds to the shape of the knee and retains heat to keep the knee joint warm. Some knee braces come with a patella buttress to help pad and secure the knee cap (patella) during activities like skiing.

Mueller HG80 Hinged Knee Brace

Knee Braces:

  • McDavid Hinged Knee Brace: This lightweight, low profile hinged knee brace uses state-of-the-art lightweight materials and medial and lateral hinged metal supports to provide additional stabilization and support
  • Mueller Hg80 Hinged Knee Brace: This is a high performance knee brace offering excellent support without compromising comfort. It features a triaxel hinge to provide maximum support with near-normal knee motion.

LP Knee Support Open Patella

Knee Support:

These are just a few of the braces and supports available. To view all knee products, visit:


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