Sleep Soundly, Sweet Spine

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  Smooth sheets. Warm blankets. Soft, fluffy pillows. Your bed is like a cloud and you can't wait to sink into it after a long, hard day. However, it is possible that your cozy haven is contributing to your back pain. That ache in your back that seems to hang on despite your best efforts was likely caused by a multitude of factors. Sometimes, life physically hurts. Before you give up and accept that you will always have back pain, consider this. Your body heals when it is at rest. If your back is not in proper anatomical position when you are sleeping, how is it to heal correctly? Spending 6 -8 hours in an unnatural position is likely to cause you to wake in pain. According to Fitness Magazine (, a moderately firm mattress is the optimal choice for those suffering from back pain. Laying and/or sitting on a surface that is too soft causes your spine and joints to rest in a position that is not anatomical. This places pressure on parts of your body not necessarily designed to withstand it. Lay in that position for an extended amount of time and the muscles, tendons, and ligaments tighten. The same events occur in the body when you sit on a soft surface for a prolonged period of time. In order for the back to function appropriately, it needs to remain in its natural position. While it feels amazing to drop into the overstuffed recliner for a few hours, your back will thank you if limit the time spent there and engage in some light activity. Chronic back pain has become an epidemic. We sit for long periods working at computers or playing on our phones. We are less frequently reminded to stand up straight and put our shoulders back. We work and we work hard. We contemplate chair and screen height, elbow angle, and wrist rest. Most people don't consider the surfaces on which they sit or lay as potential causal agents. When it comes to your chair or mattress, somewhere in the middle of firm and soft, is just right. References Moninger, J. (n.d.). 7 Common Causes of Back Pain and Easy Solutions. Retrieved November 28, 2016 from

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