The GenuTrain Knee Brace By Bauerfeind features a viscoelastic Omega pad that surrounds the patella to improve tracking and provide tendon relief. The Hoffa pads – two friction points on the lower section of the pad – apply targeted pressure to the infrapatellar fat pad (Hoffa's fat pad) to provide...

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    Labor Day 2012 Sale! 10% Off All Items! The start of the school year is upon us, Summer is near its end, and Fall sports are beginning.  Athletes are practicing hard to be ready for this season and at, we have a great selection of products to...

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Cycling bikes like Lance Armstrong overuses the ligaments in the knee resulting in weakness. This weakening in the ligaments makes the biker highly susceptible to knee pains and at increased risk for injury to the knee

Browsing quotes by Lance Armstrong, you're sure to find a favorite amongst cyclists:  "A bicycle is the long-sought means of transportation for all of us who have runaway hearts".  However, you won't find the pro cyclist advocating knee pain running amuck. Armstrong is a strong proponent for preventive measures from...

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