Now that summer is in full force, you’ve probably noticed that you’re more active than in the winter months. Anytime you increase the frequency or intensity of physical activity you put yourself at greater risk for injury. This is especially true for sports activities that involve direction changing and jumping...

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Moving forward, it is often recommended to find a brace that can help bring stability and help prevent future injury. There are many different styles of knee braces that can aid in your recovery.

Injuries and Treatment One of the first symptoms associated with an injury is typically a sudden onset of pain. The first part of treating your injury is to discontinue the activity that caused the injury. Often times people think that you can “exercise through the pain”. This is typically poor...

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Who doesn’t want a lifetime of enjoying their favorite sport or fitness activity?  Too often, athletes incur a career ending injury.  With the new X-Tremus line of supports and braces, athletes will not only increase their longevity, but also enhance their performance and joint stability.  This is all possible with...

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