Now that summer is in full force, you’ve probably noticed that you’re more active than in the winter months. Anytime you increase the frequency or intensity of physical activity you put yourself at greater risk for injury. This is especially true for sports activities that involve direction changing and jumping...

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  Have you ever woken up, gotten out of bed and felt a huge stabbing pain in your heel? The pain can be excruciating. You may even want to sit down. Although continuing to walk and stretch the heel can reduce the severity of the pain, it will most likely...

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If you're at high risk for the development of plantar fasciitis (see At Risk Factors below), or if you're already being wakened in the night with heel pain, it's advisable to see a professional for a heel brace fitting

  The plantar fascia is the arch tendon composed of connective tissue which supports the connection between the toes and the heel in your foot. It's the tendon which enables dancers to attain their perfect propulsion during jumps and basketball players to take liberating leaps into the air. The plantar...

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