Tennis elbow braces and golfers elbow braces come in many different shapes and configurations. In a recent blog we reviewed some of the most popular tennis elbow braces on the market. They all have common characteristics:
  • Changing tasks will change the amount of elbow strain and the amount of pain
  • The tighter the brace, the more protection against pain but less comfort
  • A looser brace is more comfortable but less effective
  • They are awkward to adjust "on the go"
A new generation of tennis elbow brace and golfers elbow brace has been designed that can apply variable dial adjusted pressure. The new PTDial tennis elbow support is placed over the forearm to reduce the pull on the elbow just like other tennis elbow braces. Then simply twist the dial to select from 8 compression settings depending on how strenuous the task is.
[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="150"]ptdial PTDial Tennis Elbow Brace[/caption]

User Controlled Compression

The device uses a unique dial-bolt-pressure foot mechanism to apply: • targeted • easily adjusted • perpendicular • measurable compression to forearm muscle tissue, near to the location of pain. PT Dial reduces the PULL from the forearm muscles on the painful epicondyle by limiting muscle expansion, the force of contraction and the movement of muscle fibers.
ptdial versatile uses

How Do I Use the PTDial ?

You simply position the pressure foot, then “dial in” the compression to prevent or control pain and inflammation. The pressure foot is saddle-shaped: concave for fit, and convex to create drag and compression on muscle fibres.If you are performing a task that’s more strenuous, you may adjust the dial (using the other hand) to provide firm compression, for greater protection. For light repetitive tasks, you may prefer medium compression. When you are awake and not using your hand, adjust the dial to minimum compression, or remove the band. For sleep, remove the band. I have used the PTDial myself for both tennis and golf. It is easy to use and it works as advertised.