The Amount of Punishment A RB Takes On His Body

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  The players in the National Football League have been described by many observers as possibly the best athletes in the world. During the long NFL season, these amazing skills are put on display for the enjoyment of millions of fans around the world. That said, NFL football is arguably also one of the most punishing of sports. The steady stream of injuries that most players suffer is a testament to the potential violence of the sport. Moreover, certain positions invite more contact than other ones, running back being at the top of the list. This situation inevitably results in NFL running backs routinely sustaining certain kinds of injuries. This article will take a closer look at this situation, and will educate readers about some of the painful and debilitating injuries that running backs risk day in and day out. WHAT ARE SOME COMMON INJURIES THAT STRIKE RUNNING BACKS IN THE NFL? * Connective tissue injuries Tendons and ligaments are special connective tissues that attach muscle to bone, as well as helping to hold joints together. Joints also happen to be weak spots on the body, and are especially vulnerable to the violent impacts characteristic of professional football. Not only that, but RB's tend to rely on quick cuts to escape their pursuers, and this often places additional strain on the joints. Because of this, many running backs will suffer connective tissue injuries during their careers.  Even though modern orthopedic surgeons generally do a good job of repairing damages to connective tissue, the affected joints often develop arthritis and other complications years down the road. * Concussions Concussions occur when the brain comes into violent contact with the inside of the skull. This is usually caused by violent impacts, and NFL running backs are hit many times during the course of an average game. Although modern football helmets have made the game somewhat safer, concussions are still quite common among elite running backs. While isolated incidents generally cause little damage, repeated concussions have been linked to degenerative brain illnesses later on in life. * Broken bones Many NFL players weigh in at well over 200 lbs, and when two such players collide at high speeds, the results can be painful to watch. Such collisions are routine for running backs, and so are broken bones. These injuries range from almost imperceptible stress fractures to gruesome compound fractures. Broken bones tend to keep players off the field for a while, but as long as the injury doesn't involve a joint many make full recoveries. * Neck injuries The neck is a relative weak point on the body, and because of this neck and spinal injuries can strike a football player at any time. The neck is also very complex, with muscles, nerves, connective tissues, and bones all playing a part. While these injuries tend to be less common among elite running backs, they can end careers when they strike. In addition to that, cervical injuries can cause chronic conditions that persist throughout life. As can be seen, the life of an NFL running back is far from easy. Despite this fact, they continue to put in jaw dropping performances for their fans. For this and many other reasons, they truly deserve our appreciation.

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