The Importance of Cold Therapy Following Injury

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Cold therapy is the most effective and common practice for acute post injury healing.  When an injury has been sustained, it is vital for ice to be placed on the area of injury.  Ice helps decrease pain and swelling and promotes healing.  The concept of placing ice on an injury is practiced for several reasons including decreasing blood flow (vasoconstriction).  Vasoconstriction is the process of narrowing blood vessels which in turn decreases blood flow.  By reducing blood flow to the area of injury, swelling decreases.  Decreasing swelling is important because it not only reduces pain and increases mobilization in the damaged area but it prevents tissue damage from occurring.  If inflammation or swelling is not slowed and tissue damage occurs, the injury will take longer to heal. The Active Ice™ Cold Therapy System is an ideal cold therapy product that can be used on any part of the body.  This system is composed of a cooler, pump, and bladder.  The motorized pump circulates cold water from the cooler and delivers it to the bladder which is to be placed on the designated area of injury.  Optional compression wraps are also available to be utilized for specific body parts including the knee, calf, ankle, foot, back, shoulder, and elbow. Overall, ice helps to reduce the amount of swelling that is induced by the inflammatory process after injury has occurred.  Whether you are an athlete or not cold therapy is an important method for promoting post injury healing.

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