The Importance of Daily Stretching In Modern Times

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Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Do you feel the oxygen awaken your mind? Stretching is like taking a cleansing breath for your muscles. It adds oxygen and blood flow to the muscles, while loosening stiff joints and improving flexibility and balance. It's no surprise that upon waking most, people instinctively enjoy a good stretch. Planning a stretching routine into your day is more important than ever before. We're a society that spends a majority of our time sitting and stagnant. In more primitive times humans, by necessity, were much more physically active: we ran, hunted, stood and stooped, and walked. This is still the way our bodies crave to be, and they need stretching to stay at their peak. Establishing a daily stretching habit is a wonderful form of fitness. It helps to maintain flexibility of our muscles and joints. This flexibility is not just a concern for runners and athletes, it is important to everyone. Loss of flexibility can lead to injury in our daily lives. It can also lead to serious joint issues as we age. Stretching also helps the muscles get more oxygen. Oxygen in the muscles help them to move better, and assist in longevity and recovery. Just as importantly, perhaps more importantly, as our bodies age we need daily stretching to be a part of our lives. As our bodies age, the joints, ligaments, and muscles tend to stiffen easily if not trained to loosen through stretching. Exercise is important for maintaining health and preventing illness. This is hardly news to anyone, especially in today’s world. However, what most people do not understand is that daily stretching is a form of exercise. In fact, many health and fitness experts note that it is important to establish a stretching routine. A daily stretching routine isn't just for older people or for those whose jobs cause them to be inactive a majority of the time. Trainers know the importance stretching is to any workout routine. Stretching before and after working out has been shown to reduce the risk of injury and assist with muscle healing and after-workout soreness. Your body craves stretching and its benefits are numerous. There are many products available to assist with efficient stretching. One such product is the Stretch Assist, available from our website. This simply designed product is easy to use and it provides a beneficial stretch that's hard to achieve on your own. Head, shoulders, knees, and toes; make stretching a daily routine and enjoy all of the benefits it will provide you!

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