Treat Tennis & Golfer's Elbow With The Pt Dial

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Treat Tennis & Golfers Elbow with the PT Dial

An amazingly well designed product that’s highly effective in the treatment for tennis elbow is the PT Dial advanced arm band. Whether you’re a body builder suffering from chronic forearm injury, or a housewife with occasional golfer’s elbow, the PT Dial can make all the difference in the world. Through this article, you will know why you should Purchase a PTDial. Tennis elbow (or golf elbow) is the common term for the medical condition, lateral & medial epicondylitis. A condition resulting from repetitive grip, strenuous finger motion or awkward movement of the elbow. You don’t have to be a sports athlete to suffer from the muscle fibers painfully pulling away from the epicondyle bone. Tennis elbow can occur during common leisurely activities, while at home or even at work while sitting at your desk. The revolutionary PT Dial provides adjustable balance protection and superior pain control with an easy knob dial located on the band for quick modifications. Fitting comfortably just below the crease of the elbow, the PT Dial targets your critical tissues compressing the area on and below the side of the elbow. 4 Great Reasons for Choosing PT Dial: 1. It targets the critical tissues located over the tight muscle fibers in the center of the forearm. 2. Provides perpendicular compression right where it’s needed. 3. Compression is easily and simply adjusted through the dial on top of the band. 4. Three varying compression settings enabling task specific settings to ensure appropriate support when and where you need it. The PTDial allows the wearer to dial in the compression settings according to the level of physical activity. A Mild setting (0-3 on the Dial) is used for office work, the Medium setting (4-6 on the Dial) can be set for light activity, like housework, and the Firm setting (7 and up on the Dial) is ideal for sports activity or heavy work. Available in stylish black and sized to fit, the PT Dial is constructed for a triple layer of protection, as well as a tri-layer strap. The outer layer provides durability, and the middle foam layer functions as a shock absorber dissipating pressure. The inner micro-absorbent layer keeps your elbow cool and dry while providing outstanding support. The PTDial is the elbow enhancing brace designed to support, protect, and prevent the common pain from tennis elbow. It allows for quick & easy compression modification throughout the day according to your activity level without ever having to be removed.

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