What Exactly is an Abdominal Injury?

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  We may all be used to the usual stomach ache every now and again. No matter how familiar they are, they're still very uncomfortable and something that everyone would rather not deal with. Abdominal injuries are usually a little more serious than your average stomach ache. It's usually not due to eating the wrong food or indulging too much in a favorite food. Abdominal injuries occur when something or someone inflicts harm on the abdominal area. Abdominal injuries may go by other names. Some may call it abdominal pain, abdominal strain, or abdominal trauma. Each name addresses the issue in its own way. An abdominal injury occurs when some type of harm is inflicted on the midsections or abdominal section of a person. Some symptoms that might show that an abdominal injury has incurred include pain in the abdomen area, bruising to the abdomen area, nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to touch. Internal symptoms may include internal bleeding, low blood pressure and shock. Some causes of abdominal pain could include sports injuries, a common fall, car accidents or any other blunt trauma to the abdominal area. There are also sometimes penetrating injuries which involve the use of a sharp object like a knife or even a bullet. After experiencing an abdominal injury, it's important that the individual seek immediate medical attention, as abdominal injuries can be serious and cause problems that can’t always be seen by the human eye. The medical expert will ask a series of questions to insure that the individual is not in any immediate danger. Historical information will be gathered from those who were there to witness the injury. Treatment for abdominal injuries varies, depending on the type of injury that has occurred. For example, if it was a penetrating injury the cut or open wound would need to be cared for. After the patient is examined to insure that no harm was done to their internal organs and the wound is closed up they can start the natural healing process. The individual should avoid any physical activity or anything that causes them to possibly re-injure their abdomen area. If the abdominal injury was caused by blunt trauma the individuals organs need to be evaluated. If harm was caused to any of the organs then treatment will begin there. After the individual receives treatment, it's important for them to rest and not cause any further harm. Rehab for abdominal injuries should mostly focus on strengthening the abdominal muscles. An individual can do this through walking, swimming, and slowly getting back into their normal routines. Although sit ups and crunches may sound like a good idea they should actually be avoided. The individual should think more in terms of natural movement when it comes to recovering from an abdominal injury. Abdominal injuries can be a scary thing, however if cared for properly an individual can definitely recover.

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