When is it appropriate to use heat to treat an injury?

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As stated in the previous blog, cold therapy is vital to use after an acute injury has been sustained or within the first 72 hours post injury. Heat therapy on the other hand, is important to use for chronic or long term injury. After the 72 hour period post injury, heat therapy plays a vital role in the promotion of healing. In opposition to cold therapy which prevents blood flow to the site of injury, heat therapy increases blood flow to the injured site which helps remove the damaged material. Increasing blood flow also increases the circulation of oxygen and nutrients which aids the healing process. Heat helps to reduce pain, promote relaxation, relieve stiffness, and overall improve mobility and range of motion. Our FAR Infrared heat therapy products provide a deep penetrating heat which helps to safely and therapeutically heal the area of injury. We carry a wide variety of FAR Infrared heat therapy products designed for specific parts of the body. Products include the deluxe heated pad, universal heated pad, heated neck wrap, heated shoulder wrap, heated back wrap, heated knee wrap, heated ankle wrap and heated wrist wrap. All products are cordless and battery operated so they can be worn on the go! It is important to keep in mind that heat therapy should only be utilized once swelling and pain have drastically reduced. If heat is used at improper times, it can potentially damage the injured area even more and prolong the healing process. Overall, heat therapy plays a vital role in the promotion of healing during long term periods of injury.

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