When Should You Consider Doing Heat Therapy?

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  Thermotherapy is more commonly known by the name 'heat therapy'. Heat therapy is the application of wet or dry heat to injured areas of the body. It can also be used on areas of the body that suffer from diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and other painful conditions. Heat therapy is designed to aid the body’s own natural pain healing process. It can be useful for the treatment of conditions like: • Joint Stiffness • Muscle Pain and Spasms • Chronic Pain As well heat therapy can aid in the treatment of other conditions that are less associated with pain like: • Poor Blood Circulation • Toxin Buildup in the Body • Increase Oxygen Heat therapy is most commonly used to aid in conditions like: • Arthritis • Herniated Disk • Pinched Nerve • Cartilage Injuries • Planter Fasciitis Injuries • Bursitis There are several forms of heat therapy that include: • Hot Cloths • Hot Water • Ultrasound • Heating Pads • Hydrocollator Packs • Whirlpool Baths • Fir Cordless Heat Therapy Wraps As you can see, this is a valuable rehabilitation tool. The heat when penetrating the tissue in the affected area raises the tissue temperature, aiding oxygen, nutrients, and proteins to be carried to the area by the blood through a process called 'vasodilation'. Vasodilation aids in providing relief to discomfort in the affected area. Another benefit of heat therapy is the increase of extensibility of collagen tissue that. Lack of extesnibility in joints is known to cause stiffness. For muscle spasms, shortwave and/or microwave heat can be applied to the area where the spasm is occurring, speeding up the absorption of hematomas, allowing the stiff muscle to relax and stretch. Ultrasounds cannot be absorbed enough in homogenous muscles to create extra blood flow. However, for deep tissue injuries, ultrasound is able to penetrate deeper than applying heat directly to the skin of the injured area. After penetrating the skin, ultrasound begins to improve cellular function by causing tiny microscopic gas bubbles near the injured area to expand and contract quickly, speeding up the healing process. Heat therapy combined with radiation treatments is also a valuable therapy tool for cancer patients. Now, there are several types of products to apply heat therapy (both wet and dry heat). Wraps are one of the more commonly known products. They can come modified to fit shoulders, wrists, neck, ankles, back, and waist and you can find them here at Return2Fitness. Finally, heat therapy shouldn't be used on new swollen/inflamed injuries. It should only be applied to injuries that are a day old. For new injuries that're inflamed cold, this should be applied first to relieve the swelling, after the swelling has decreased, a regiment of all heat, or a combination of both heat and cold can be used.

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