Why do we see professional athletes in all sports using compression wear including compression shorts, compression shirts, compression arm sleeves and compression leg sleeves? The simple answer is that compression wear provides a competitive advantage. As we get older its not just an advantage, its a necessity. I'll highlight a few of the main reasons for using compression wear at all ages and athletic activities:   =     Compression material keeps major muscle groups warm. That decreases the loss of energy from unnecessary motion and reduces muscle fatigue and cramping. =     Compression wear helps support large muscle groups which helps reduce muscle sprains and strains. This is especially effective in sports that have peaks and valleys in activity level. =     Because compression wear gives a tight contoured fit they reduce the buildup of lactic acid in the muscles which allows for a faster workout or competition recovery. =     Since compression wear fits like a second skin, it moves with you to reduce abrasions, chaffing and skin irritations.  

Here's a video clip from McDavid Sports Medicine - a leader in compression wear:


About the Author: Bruce is the president of Return2Fitness, an online sports medical resource and product center. His "entrepreneurial spirit" has resulted in the founding or acquisition of 20 companies during his 39 year career. Bruce is not a medical professional so please consult your local specialist before making any changes in the treatment of any injury or condition. Thanks for reading my post! For more information connect with me: Return2FitnessEmailLinkedInFacebookSquidoo

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  • I’m sorry but I’m not familiar with your condition. It may be a good idea to try an arm sleeve like McDavid’s – if it works its a pretty inexpensive solution. You can probably pick one up at Dicks or Sports Authority and save the shipping. They also come in a thermal version.

    Bruce Walseth on

  • I have had Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy/ 3 quadrant Causalgia for over twenty five years. Even the air blowing over the skin on my arm,hand or neck can be extremely painful and disabling. I have an intrathecal morphine-bupivacaine pump and take other meds.
    I’d like to know whether you think a sleeve over my arm will lessen my sensitivity and more to the point, whether I can wear a sleeve that moves with my arm, muscles, and near-surface vessels and nerve endings. I haven’t thought of using a sleeve before, and value your opinion. PT and other modalities have so far been fairly useless.

    Kenneth Levine, age 60 on

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