Your Posture Can Affect Your Joints

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The human skeletal system is a marvel of engineering, designed to work together in perfect harmony. However, as time goes on, the precise alignment of muscles and bones can become out balance, and joint pain can result. Posture can have a critical influence on the health of joints, and making postural corrections can help to resolve any resulting pain. The Importance of Good Posture Your grandmother was right when she told you to sit up straight and walk as if you were balancing a pile of books on top your head. These postural exercises were recommended to train young people keep their skeleton in alignment and to hold keep the muscles that support bones strong. This strategy not only gives you elegant carriage, it’s a sound method for keeping joints healthy. Shoulder Joint Pain Sitting for long periods of time at the computer can cause the shoulder to hunch over, creating misalignment and weakness in the muscles that support the shoulder joint. Weakness of the shoulder muscles can result and can lead to pain and damage when actively using the shoulder during sports activities or everyday motions. To prevent joint problems from constant sitting at your computer, take time out to stand up, stretch out your upper back and swing your arms loosely to keep the muscles from becoming tightened. Knee Joint Pain Most people don’t realize that constantly sitting at work, during long commutes or while watching TV can cause deterioration of the muscles that support the knee joint. Weakness in the knee joint can make these individuals more prone to injury of the knee and can lead to osteoarthritis of the knee. These individuals should make a special effort to engage in regular walking, swimming, bicycling, yoga or other activities that help to keep leg muscles strong. Hip Joint Pain Constant sitting can put enormous pressure on hip joints that can cause chronic hip pain from muscles tightening and can lead to osteoarthritis of the hip joint. Individuals who work at the computer or who have long drives in the car are particularly vulnerable to this problem. Make it a habit to take frequent breaks and make a point of walking around to keep hip joints loose and flexible. Exercise such as dancing, swimming and tennis help to give the hip joints a regular workout. Neck Pain Your neck is a flexible joint that requires toning and care like the other joints of your body. Take time away from the computer or other intense work to stretch your upper back, turn your head in various directions and keep your neck muscles strong. Keeping your joints strong will help to keep your body active and functioning well into your golden years. Remember these tips to exercise your joints and supporting muscles throughout the day.

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