1) How do I select a knee brace?

Choosing a knee brace 101

2) How do I select a shoulder brace?

Selecting a shoulder brace 101

3) How do I select an ankle brace?

Choosing a ankle brace 101

4) What is plantar fasciitis?

The lowdown on plantar fasciitis

5) How do you use cold therapy?

Cold therapy essentials

6) Does inversion therapy really work?

Benefits of inversion therapy

7) What is electrotherapy?

Electrotheraphy provides lower back pain relief

8) What's the best way to treat muscle sprains & strains?

Treatment for sports injuries

9) What sports medicine items should I carry in my athletic bag?

Athletic bag essentials - Part 1

Athletic bag essentials - Part 2

10) What are wobble boards used for?

Wobble board 101

11) What heat therapy products do you recommend?

Heat therapy breakthrough

12) What are the benefits of compression shorts and other compression wear?

Compression wear benefits

13) What is HexPad and how is it used?

Hexpad technology for contact sports

14) What are some other good sports injury resources?

Best sports injury resources

15) Do you ship to other countries?

We only ship items to the US and Canada. Canadian orders should be made by phone (866-539-4517) and are subject to a $75 product minimum order. For more details check our shipping policy page.

16) How do I return a product?

Please see our formal return and exchange policy

17) What is a slant board used for?

Slant boards 101