Boards4Health Multi-Wobble Board 20"

SKU: B4H-0777
By: Boards4Health
Multi-Wobble 20 inch Balance Board is a beginner model to help prevent twisted ankles, sprains and increases Range Of Motion.
  • Adjustable to a tilt of 13, 15 or 17 degrees.
  • Suitable to use for exercising and strengthening core stability.
An excellent board for adult use when recovering from ankle and lower leg injuries as well as injury prevention when used regularly.
  • Can also help to improve performance in sports where ankle strength is vital. Just a few minutes balancing on the board each day can help restore damaged proprioception and prevent injury.
    • Helps prevent ankle twists, sprains and promotes increased Range Of Motion
    • Adjustable to 13, 15 and 17 degrees
    • 4" from floor at hardest level
    • 3" from floor at easiest level
    • Can be adjusted as the user's ability increases.
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