CoolOR Neck Wrap with 3 Kool Max Packs

By: Polar Products Inc.
Simple and unisex design. Packs fit into insulated pockets inside the wrap. The pockets have a comfortable all-cotton fabric to protect the skin and an insulated outer composite fabric to direct the cooling energy toward the body. Deluxe wrap feels great and may be adjusted for comfort with hook and loop tabs.

  • CoolOR Neck Wrap with Kool Max Packs cools the major arteries in the neck, helping to cool the body as well.
  • Non-toxic and chemical-free Kool MaxTM cooling packs are made of biodegradable materials. Packs are reusable and should last for years with proper care and storage.
  • To use, place the packs in the freezer until they are frozen solid.
  • Commonly used for: Cooling the major arteries around the neck Lightweight cooling during outdoor activity or work in hot conditions, Multiple Sclerosis heat sensitivity, Intolerance to heat (neurological or physical)
  • Features: 3 segmented 3" x 9" Kool MaxTM Packs and 1 plush cooling wrap.

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