Core Products Bucketseat Sitback Rest Lumbar Support

By: Core Products
Staying seated for extended periods of time at the office or at home can lead to serious back pain. Healthcare professionals know that sitting too long creates pressure on the spine, distorting spinal curves and compressing discs. All of this can cause pinching of the nerves in the spinal cord, leading to numbness, tingling and back pain. Help protect and maintain proper spinal curve with any of our lumbar support cushions.

Specifically designed with side wings to fit snugly inside your car's bucket style seat. Side support wings provide maximum comfort and support while driving. Fits most standard bucket seats. Positioning belt included. Available in Blue, Black and Gray. 13in x 14in (33cm x 36cm)
  • Standard option covered with a durable cotton blend cover.
  • Deluxe option covered with a plush polyester cover.

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