Knee-High Athletic Compression Socks

By: BraceMart
SureSport compression socks are the premier choice for all athletes, ranging from casual to serious. SureSport compression socks utilize graduated compression, 20-30mmHg which enhances performance by increasing blood circulation and oxygen flow. SureSport also incorporates a special design in the sock for added muscle support for both the shins and calves as well as arch support. Other special features include a Non-compression toe-box for superior comfort! SureSport has created compression socks that enable your legs to last longer while running, biking, and exercising.

SureSport socks are constructed using 72% nylon and 28% Lycra to guarantee superior comfort and prevent any chafing or skin irritation often experienced with other compression socks. The design contains a breathable, moisture wicking fabric that pulls sweat away from the body, enabling the sock and athlete to stay cool and dry even in the warmest climates.

SureSport compression socks can be used for a multitude of purposes. They are perfect for racing, post-workout recovery, and traveling. They may be worn pre-exercise to reduce the risk of injury and help with muscle activation, during exercise to optimize athletic performance, or post-exercise to deliver faster muscle recovery. They can also be used during long flights to reduce swelling in the lower legs and feet.

Sizing - Based on Shoe
  • Small Men: 4 - 6.5 Women: 5 - 8
  • Medium Men: 7 - 9.5 Women: 8.5 - 11
  • Large Men: 10 - 12.5 Women: 11.5 - 14
  • X-Large Men: 13 - Up Women: 14.5 - Up

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