Open Patella Knee Sleeve

By: SureCare
The SureSport Knee Sleeve is available in Closed and Open Patella versions. The knee sleeve features neoprene and mesh which provides support, compression, padding and warmth to the knee while also providing a breathable area behind the knee. The open patella version utilizes a buttress to manage patella tracking, and the patellar opening enhances comfort and freedom of movement. Our sleeves also have bound flexible edges for a longer lasting sleeve.

Knee Sizing Measure the circumference of your leg 3 inches above and below the Knee Cap.
  • XS Thigh:14-16in Calf: 11-13in
  • S Thigh:15-17in Calf: 12-14in
  • M Thigh:16-18in Calf: 13-15in
  • L Thigh: 17-19in Calf: 14-16in
  • XL Thigh: 18-20in Calf: 15-17in
  • XXL Thigh: 19-21in Calf: 16-18in

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