OPPO Medical 2166 Spinal Brace

SKU: O-2166-XXL
Exceptional for mild scoliosis and poor posture. To find your correct size measure around the waist. Refer to sizing chart. Composed of 50 percent nylon, 28 percent cotton and 22 percent rubber. Available in the color beige and in sizes small, medium, large, extra large and double extra large. The spine has three main sections, cervical, thoracic, and lumbar. The cervical spine supports the head and allows anterior, posterior, and lateral flexion and extension, plus rotation of the head and neck.

  • Two metal stays in back provide extra support to the spine and four pliable stays provide extra support and stability to the lumbar area.
  • Padded shoulder straps adjust and secure in front for easy application and crisscrossing abdominal straps require minimal strength to fasten and provide exceptional support.
  • Supports the lumbar and thoracic spine, apply brace to the back and place the shoulder straps over the shoulder.
  • Be sure the two longer stays are positioned on each side of spine and secure the waist straps comfortably around the waist.
  • Pull the two side straps to adjust tightness then fasten and pull the two shoulder straps under armpits to the back and cross each other.
Sizing (measure around the waist):
  • Small: 58.4-71.1cm (23-28")
  • Medium: 71.1-83.8cm (28-33")
  • Large: 83.8-96.5cm (33-38")
  • XLarge: 96.5-109.2cm (38-43")
  • XXLarge: 109.2-121.9cm (43-48")

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