Polar Life Pod

By: Polar Products Inc.
It is made out of a heavy duty PVC and is capable of fitting athletes up to 7 feet tall and weighing up to 400 pounds. Included bag to hold the thermometer display attaches to the side of the Polar Life Pod with Velcro. Full length anterior 2 way zipper facilitates ground level access into and out of the the Polar Life Pod and allows the Polar Life Pod to be rapidly filled with water from on-site containers. The water can then be evacuated quickly at the foot of the Polar Life Pod at a safe distance from the athlete

  • On-demand, reusable cold water immersion device is an on-demand water immersion device that quickly be set up to use whenever and wherever needed.
  • Integral dual drawstring hood allows for full body and partial head coverage of the athlete while minimizing water leakage.
  • Arm ports with sleeves facilitate convenient access to monitor the athlete's vitals.
  • Adjustable straps minimize water usage by forming the Polar Life Pod to the athlete's body shape while allowing or even and effective water distribution.
  • Access port and attached thermometer bag enables access for the rectal thermometer.
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